Moonshades 1.0.13 APK Download

Moonshades is a first person dungeon crawler in which players can control a couple of adventurers who must enter the depths of the Greydawn Mountains, where a portal to the underworld has opened. Only our heroes will be able to stop the demonic horde.

The game system of Moonshades is very faithful to the traditional dungeon crawlers: our two heroes will always move together and will be able to advance box to square through the dungeon. Of course, as happens in more modern games like Legend of Grimrock, enemies will move and attack in real time.

Moonshades 1.0.13 APK Download

As usual, as we defeat enemies we will gain experience points. And with this experience we can level up. When leveling up we will obtain skill points, which we can distribute as we consider more appropriate. It is important to keep in mind that our two characters will start being the same, but little by little we will be able to specialize each one of them.

Moonshades is an excellent ‘dungeon crawler’ in the first person, who drinks directly from the classics and manages to offer a very satisfactory experience.