Moovit APK Download

Moovit is an application that will allow us to plan any route in public transport, being able to choose the fastest or the most comfortable route, and with real-time updates of the main bus and metro services.

Using Moovit is very easy. Users will only have to choose the starting point (usually the current location) and the destination point. In seconds the application will show all the existing possibilities: in some it will be necessary to walk more, in another take more transshipments; some will be faster, others more comfortable.

Moovit APK Download

Once a route is selected, users can see their route on the map. By sliding from left to right in the lower part of the screen, you can also alternate between the different phases of the journey. In this way you can see separately and in a very graphic way the different stages of the route.

Moovit is an excellent alternative to Google Maps, which has features as interesting as alarms in real time that will warn us of changes and unforeseen events, or reports on current traffic. Moovit users can also share their best routes with the community so that the rest can know and benefit from them.