Motor Hero! 2.0 APK Download

Motor Hero! is an arcade of platforms in which the players will control a motorcycle and will have to try to advance from platform to platform, in a scenario in which the slightest miscalculation will take us directly to the water.

The control system is very simple: touch the screen so that our motorcycle accelerates and leave the finger pressed to make the bike turn in the air. Nothing else. The twists in the air will only serve us to obtain stars, with which we can buy new motorcycles. Of course, making them is always risky.

Motor Hero! 2.0   APK Download

Every time we play Motor Hero! we will see the faces with a different ‘circuit’, since they are all procedural. We will find higher and lower platforms, thicker and narrower, and even some curved and other rotating platforms. All circuits have one thing in common: they are terribly difficult to overcome.

Motor Hero! It is a fun and addictive motorcycle arcade, with a perfect game system for touch terminals, and a beautiful visual section. A great title to enjoy for a few minutes at any time.