Music Racer 1.51 APK Download

Music Racer is a musical arcade in true Audiosurf style, in which players will have to tour circuits at full speed, while avoiding obstacles to the rhythm of music. If we stumble against any of the obstacles, we will make the volume of the music go down.

The control system of Music Racer is very simple: pressing the sides of the screen we will make our vehicle / bird move in that direction. In this way we will have to navigate between the three lanes of the circuit, while avoiding obstacles and collecting orbs. The more orbs, the better score. In addition, we can use the orbs to unlock new scenarios and vehicles.

Music Racer 1.51 APK Download

The best thing about Music Racer is that we can use our own music to play. We can choose any sound file that we have in the memory of the terminal and, the best and most surprising of all, is that the game will create a circuit that fits perfectly with the rhythm of the song chosen.

Music Racer is an outstanding musical game, thanks to which we can drive at full speed through our favorite themes. The game also has an outstanding graphic section and a ‘retrowave’ aesthetic with a lot of charm.