Music without limits and player Mp3 Download For IOS iPhone 1.8

If you have an Internet connection, either pulling data (if you do not walk too close to them) or connected to the reach of some wifi, Music without limits and Mp3 player comes as a ring finger. You have available almost all the music that you can think of to listen online and for free. In fact, it is like carrying a YouTube on the iPhone that gives you access to all the music you can imagine, with the advantage of not spending as much data, since they are not videos, but only audio.

“Search, find and listen to your favorite songs and bands of all time, wherever you are”.

Do you have to pay for some type of subscription?

Why do you think, what’s the catch? How can I get all the music without paying for a subscription? Well, the possible hits are, for starters, you should not be too sybaritic with the sound, since the audio quality of the songs varies a lot and is not the best in most cases. If you are not of this musical consumer profile, this will then be no problem for you.

The other downside is that you will find yourself evidently with a lot of publicity, either in the lower area, or mixed among the songs that the application shows you when you perform a search. If you have your fingers like Burgos’ morcillas, keep an eye on you, because at the very least, instead of selecting the song Still Loving You you can install the Amazon app.

Finally and as you can imagine, the app does not allow you to download any songs, just listen to them online. So you must always be connected before you can use the application.

“Designed to give you the best mobile music experience”.

One more music player

You can use the app as your regular music player, since, like the native app on your music iPhone, it can be used in the background while browsing or using other applications. It also incorporates the forward, play, pause and other controls with the device locked.

It also incorporates an equalizer to control bass, treble and so on. Among the options offered when listening to a particular song we have the menu to add that song to the favorites or directly to a playlist, that is, to one of your lists created or to be created. Other options that you can not miss are the ones that allow you to listen to the tracks on compatible external devices, such as an Airport Express or an Apple TV. Finally, you have basic options to listen to the lists or albums at random, to play them also continuously, etc.

As a conclusion, it should be added that it is compatible with 3D Touch to access, without having to previously open the app, directly to that subject or to that album that you like so much. This is an ideal app for users who do not spend a single euro on subscriptions, neither Apple Music nor Spotify among others, because if you subscribe to any of these this app does not make sense. In those the audio quality is much better … Even if you think about it, it’s also worth it to stop paying and download music without limits!