My Horse Prince 1.1.1 APK Download

My Horse Prince is a casual game in which players can witness the unique relationship between a young girl and her horse, which for some reason has a human face. And not only is the horse has the face of a handsome young man, but it is also quite daring.

The objective of the players in My Horse Prince is to advance the story, for which they will have to go overcoming levels. To overcome a level they will have to fill a love bar, which will increase as we interact with different objects. In the first levels they will be carrots, but we will find many other objects.

My Horse Prince 1.1.1 APK Download

The love of the horse will increase more or less depending on your energy level, so we will have to try to keep it always happy. And to keep our precious horse happy we will have to talk to him and answer his questions. Of course, if you do not like our answers, you will not gain energy.

My Horse Prince is a very … strange casual game. After all, it is a game in which we can witness the relationship between a girl and a horse with a human face. That said, it’s also a game with funny moments and a pretty nice visual section.