My Tubi 1.3.00 APK Download

My Tubi is a Pou style game or My Talking Tom Cat, in which instead of having to take care of a poo or a chatty cat, we will have to take care of a youtuber. Yes, at the beginning of the game we can choose between more than half a dozen youtubers (including faces as well known as those of Rubius or Fernanfloo) and take care of it.

At first our youtuber will be little more than a baby, so we will have to feed him, wash him and take him to bed when he is tired. To feed him, of course, we will have to buy food and take it directly to his mouth; while to wash it we will have to put it in the shower, soaping it and wetting it.

My Tubi 1.3.00 APK Download

One of the funniest aspects of My Tubi is that, when it comes to entertaining our youtuber, we can play a card game relatively similar to Hearthstone. Of course it does not have the same depth as the Blizzard title, but it’s still quite fun.

My Tubi is a simple and entertaining game that will allow us to turn our favorite youtuber into a kind of ‘tamagotchi’ that we can always carry in our pocket. The game also has an aesthetic and a very careful visual section, as well as a multitude of elements to unlock.