MyAppFree 1.0.13 APK Download

MyAppFree is a service that will allow us to download an application that is normally paid on Google Play, for free. In addition to this, it will also indicate some special offers that you have at that time on Google Play, such as games that usually cost one or two euros, just a few cents.

MyAppFree 1.0.13 APK Download

The MyAppFree interface is very simple. In the first window we can see what is the application of the day, which we can download for free; while in the second window we can see what applications are discounted or special offers. In the third window, finally, we can see how much money we have saved based on the free apps that we have downloaded from MyAppFree.

MyAppFree is an interesting service, thanks to which we can acquire some apps that would normally cost money, without going through cash. And that is always good.


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