MyGrocery 1.2.3 APK Download

MyGrocery is a very useful tool for those people who like to keep an exhaustive control of all their pending purchases. This app incorporates a very extensive database in which you will find any material that you have to aim for a later purchase.

Whether you are going to do the weekly shopping at the supermarket or if you are going to do home renovations, MyGrocery will allow you to create a complete catalog of everything you will have to acquire. No matter the area in which you make the purchase, since you will find from all kinds of food to electronic devices, through cleaning products or gardening, among other options.

MyGrocery 1.2.3 APK Download

To create the lists, you will only have to choose a color and a name for each one and add all the items you need to complete your task. There is no item limit, so you will have the security of adding up to the last screw of that shelf you are going to place, for example. Once in the store, you only have to press the items already purchased to eliminate them and thus avoid duplicate purchases.

MyGrocery will facilitate the search of elements thanks to the method of suggestions that it incorporates, so that you will find articles more adjusted to your needs before you finish typing. On the other hand, the size of the text is fully adjustable, in the same way as the elements of each tab. You can also create reminders or allow friends and family to modify any entry in a collaborative manner, which is very useful when you have to buy with a group of friends and do not agree on when to distribute tasks.