myShopi APK Download

myShopi is a simple application that will allow us to create shopping lists in a simple and intuitive way, from our Android terminal.

Using myShopi is very simple. First of all we will have to choose the establishment in which we will make the purchase. Then we will see a breakdown of the different branches of products for sale in that establishment (for example, breakfast). And finally, we can mark the different products we want within each branch (for example, cookies, cereals, chocolate).

 myShopi APK Download

The best thing about myShopi is that it is very visual, offering images of all the products, so that users will only have to click on the photo to add a product to their shopping list. By pressing twice on the same product, in addition, we can customize your name or the amount you want to add.

myShopi is a simple application, which is precisely why it is very useful. And it is one of the most convenient ways to make (and not forget) the shopping list.