Mystery Pets Download Free For IOS iPhone 1.0

If you are a fan of games and drawings in the purest Japanese style, today we are going to deal with a copy of the famous Pokémon, in which you will be able to play with the characters of the same. But do not worry, it’s not about going down the street looking for virtual bugs through your iPhone until you hit a bus or fall face-first into a ditch. With Mystery Pets you can play as you like, sit with your little wine or your little beer by hand and without moving too much.

“Collect all monsters from 4 generations”.

To start, the app offers you several options to log in to the online game and save your progress as well. In fact you can not play if you do not have an Internet connection. You can register with a new user, play as a guest or directly log in via Facebook. Then, and after a good chat between the characters always in perfect English, you can learn to play by choosing one Pokémon and fighting against another. In that battle the game tells you what you can or can not do and, of course, how to do it. From here it is about advancing in the adventure and improving your Pokémon to be acquiring better and greater abilities.

When you get to a certain point of the game, you can fight with enemies from around the world in real time. So before embarking on the adventure of the online game and get a good beating, familiarize yourself with the game and get more bugs and unique skills to be well prepared to these battles with real users.

“Fight against players from all over the world”.

In any case, if you want to know something, before you should go to intensive English courses, because although in the App Store indicates that one of the languages is Spanish, there is no way to change the default language.

What is adventure?

In the adventure mode you can go capturing monsters to combat combat, improving them in your pet hotel. This will also unblock new cities. In this way you will form a team of monsters that we can use in the fighting. As usual in this type of games a castle with a more complicated bug is the previous step to move to the next level.

In short, it is a version of Pokémon that has nothing to do with the one that caused that boom by its novel style of game. In this case it is more of a Pokémon but in the classic style, with a small section online, so you can show your skills and progress and make the kaffra with users everywhere.