Naptime 4.3 APK Download

The “doze” mode of Android terminals from version 6.0 Marshmallow, as its name suggests, causes our smartphone or tablet to enter a low power mode while at rest turning off sensors and sending certain services to hibernate. This feature included by default can be fully customized thanks to the Naptime app: Super Doze mode.

Naptime 4.3 APK Download

As standard, this sleep mode is activated automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity, but thanks to this free app it is possible to reduce the amount of time that must pass and even assign to each type of sensor a certain period before temporarily deactivating. In addition, an aggressive mode is included in which the number of elements in operation of the system is further delimited, although in this case we will not even receive status notifications from our active apps.

Naptime is an interesting application for users of Android Marshmallow onwards, which takes advantage of an integrated functionality within Google’s own operating system but giving it a greater degree of customization at the time of execution.


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