Netflix Download IOS Free For iPhone 9.40.0

Through Orange, Movistar, Vodafone or because users have come directly, Netflix has managed to reach Spain and become one of the main services of television to the letter of this country. Also in part because it has anticipated competitors such as HBO and Amazon Prime Video who have come later.

Movies, Series And Documentaries Online And In Streaming

As you know, this is the service offered by Californian origin that was born as a videoclub that used the Internet to manage the loans of the films and that ended up deriving in a giant of the audiovisual content in line, offering a very hard competition to the traditional concept of TV. The chains have had to reformulate their business approaches because the presence of actors such as these subscription services with unlimited access to their content in exchange for a stipulated price per month, have disfigured the view of the TV as we understood.

And of course, no wonder when either from the PC with your desktop application or your web to access from the browser (which is the solution also for Linux and Mac), downloading your APK for Android smartphones and tablets, with the software for Smart TV and, of course, with the app for iPhone and iPad, we can access the entire catalog it offers. From original productions (Narcos, Stranger Things, House of Cards, Bloodline …) to other producers (Breaking Bad or Ray Donovan, among others) we have an offer composed of more than 5,000 titles (amount that varies between countries) which we can reproduce when we please.

Content Available With And Without Connection

Yes friends, it is possible to download movies and episodes from Netflix series and view them offline. How? It’s a feature reserved for your mobile apps, both iOS and Android, which is accessed from a mobile or tablet. Just search for what you want to see and check if it is indicated as Offline Content. If we click it will download and we can take it anywhere and we will not have to worry if we have data network or wifi. Of course, just like in Spotify with their songs, the files can only be played with the app, so forget about ripping them or things like that.

We will not take sides in the war vs. HBO. We think that both platforms offer a very attractive catalog for a similar price (between 8 and 12 €) depending on the users who share the account. Another thing is that we also have time to see Game of Thrones, Westworld and re-watch The Sopranos …

Free Alternatives?

Yes, there are the Pordede, Pelis Magnet, Popcorn Time and company. But honestly, why opt for them if here you have a service for little money, no headaches, it always works, with customer service, high quality video (even 4K) and also legal? Well, that.