Nova Launcher 5.5.3 APK Download

Nova Launcher is a powerful and elegant launcher that will allow us to customize the appearance of our home screen, icons or folders.

One of the most striking and differentiating elements of this Nova Launcher is its impressive visual aspect, which will try to leave us speechless with practically any action we can take with it. The simple act of sliding your finger across the screen to change the desktop will show us an elaborate transition in three dimensions.

Nova Launcher 5.5.3 APK Download

Aesthetic elements aside, Nova Launcher will provide us with lots of configuration options in terms of tactile gestures. In fact, we can even configure shortcuts to shake the Android terminal … although some of these options are exclusive to the paid version.

In addition to all this we will have many options of customization with the icons of the different desktops of the Android terminal, and we can make ‘backups’ of our configurations to easily import them to any other terminal. That is, if we like the style of our mobile phone, we can take it as is to our Android tablet.

Nova Launcher is a launcher that combines elegance and versatility to provide a different start screen and full of possibilities. A real candy for lovers of customization on Android.