Openbank – Banco online Download APK For Android 1.0.3

Openbank – Banco online Download APK For Android 1.0.3 

Buy, buy! Sell, sell! What a classic, right? Well, now you do not need to be an expert on the stock market or have a personal broker to manage your stocks. Or at least to contemplate how its value rises and falls (especially the latter). And, even if you’re poorer than the rats, you need to have a bank account. “For what?” You ask, you scratching cobwebs in the pockets of your pants. Basically, to get you upset. And there is no greater displeasure than having to go down to one of the branches and make an endless queue for hours to go as you have arrived, but still poorer. Virtual office apps make your way to poverty a bit more bearable. In this case, Openbank – Banco online comes to your rescue.

“Manage your accounts in an easy, simple and secure way, with a very intuitive design adapted to your needs”.

Which bank is it?

Openbank is a Spanish online bank belonging to Grupo Santander, which allows you to operate both over the telephone and over the Internet. It does not have physical offices and, to understand us, its operation is very similar to the one of the ING Direct bank. Its registered office is in Madrid, but you can operate and carry your accounts from anywhere in the world through the network of networks. Open a Payroll Account, check your deposits, make a transfer … You do not need more than this modest app to do everything with just a thumb.

Featured Features

With this app you can do practically the same as with all the apps of banks, but we will give you a summary of the most outstanding:

  • Unlock your account through your fingerprint.
  • Pay through your mobile.
  • Send payments instantly.
  • Upload and download your prepaid cards (strongly recommended by this humble editor to make purchases online).
  • Pay with your mobile.
  • Check your expenses, sorted by categories.
  • Customize your avatar and manage your profile.
  • Check all the details of your card (yes, also the PIN and CVV) and modify your limit.
  • Program transfers national and gives high regular beneficiaries.
  • Buy and sell stocks in more than 25 markets and 500 investment funds at the moment.
    View and return receipts.

“All the transactions you make with your online bank are safe, and we guarantee at all times the confidentiality of your data with encryption technology”.

What is my IBAN?

The eternal doubt that so many headaches aroused us. You can check your IBAN in the Openbank app along with your account number. As it is a Spanish account, it begins with the letters ES. The complete IBAN consists of the ES characters and two digits, just at the beginning of the account number. Can not you find it? Well, you can call Openbank and ask the million question or use a webapp or web page that calculates the numerito to leave doubts. It comes to be like the letter of the DNI, which can be obtained according to the number of the document.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.3.