Ouroboros Project APK Download

Ouroboros Project is a JRPG in which our goal will be to save the world from the apocalypse. For this we will have the help of dozens of different heroes, almost all reinterpretations of historical characters with anime aesthetic, among which Mozart, Joan of Arc or Nikola Tesla, among others. All of them are part of SPARK, a secret organization whose goal is to save humanity.

The combat system of Ouroboros Project is automatic. Our heroes will always attack the most vulnerable enemy, using their most powerful special abilities and combining their powers. At any time, in addition, we can increase the speed of the combats, being able to choose between normal speed, x1.5 or x2.0.

Ouroboros Project APK Download

More fun than the battles are the phases of exploration, in which we can go through wide scenarios while we choose which paths we want to take. Sometimes, in addition, we can find characters with whom to interact and we can even play the odd minigame.

Ouroboros Project is a very entertaining JRPG, which stands out especially for its excellent graphic section and striking aesthetics, obviously inspired by the genius Persona 5. A quality title that offers dozens of hours of play.