Pacifica 5.8.1 APK Download

Pacifica is an application that will help us improve our health in many different areas: stress, sleep, anxiety, food, exercise … The application will basically allow us to keep a complete record of all those elements that, in one way or another , they help us to have a better life.

The benefits of Pacifica are many and varied. The first one, for example, is a tool to monitor our mood. Thanks to it we can see how it improves (or worsens) our mood over time, and investigate what these changes may be due to.

Pacifica 5.8.1 APK Download

Another very interesting feature of Pacifica is its relaxation tools. We will find from simple exercises in which we will have to inspire and exhale with a specific rhythm, until exercises of positive visualization. And all accompanied by soothing sounds that we can configure at our whim.

In addition to all this, Pacifica will give us the possibility to keep a record of some activities that, although it may seem that they have no impact on our well-being, they do. The number of daily cafes, hours of sleep, alcohol consumption, social relations … all this influences. And that’s why we can keep a record.

Pacifica is an excellent application for users who want to improve their mood and health. Some of their features may seem a little ‘silly’ at first, but most are really useful.