Pack Opener 5.85 APK Download

Pack Opener is a ‘game’ based exclusively on opening envelopes of FUT 16. In a few words, the only thing we can do from the application is to open envelopes of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, and collect all the cards of the game. It is important to keep in mind that these cards will NOT remain linked to our FIFA 16 game. This application is completely independent of the EA Sports game.

Using Opener Pack is very simple: click on the button to open a new pack of cards, and then we will see the best card in the packet, followed by the rest of the cards. The good thing is that all the cards that appear in the game are gold, so we will always play good players or, at least, well-known players.

 Pack Opener 5.85 APK Download

The game even has several interesting achievements. For example, we will find several achievements related to getting players of different nationalities. In addition, we will also have an achievement to find a superclass: a player at the level of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Hazard.

It’s hard to say that Pack Opener is a ‘game’ … because it really has little game. Having said that, football fans will find it very fun to open envelopes and envelopes of players’ cards completely free of charge.