Path 6.9.3 IOS Download

Path is a new social network that will allow us a sort of ‘public’ diary so that only our closest friends and family members can see what we do or want to do.

When we wake up, where we are going to work, what means of transport we use … all these details we can easily share with Path. In addition, we can support it by taking pictures directly with the iPhone and including them in the timeline, which incidentally has a beautiful style.

Path 6.9.3  IOS  Download

If we are also connected to other social networks, which would be quite normal today, we can also link Path with Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr or Facebook, including its links in our timeline and vice versa.

The biggest strength of this social network in which we will have a very small number of friends (only our closest nucleus) is the visual style of it. Its appearance is very well taken care of, it is intuitive, and it will allow us to do everything easily.

Path is a different social network, oriented to another type of relationship than Twitter or Facebook, for example. However, it can become very large if it has acceptance among small circles of family and friends.