Peel Smart Remote APK Download

Peel Smart Remote is an application that will allow us to control our television, DVD / Blu-ray player, or any other multimedia device from the comfort of the Android terminal.

Despite what some users may think, Peel Smart Remote not only works with Samsung brand televisions, but works with many different brands. You can replace the Samsung TV remote control, but also LG TV, Sony TV, Vizio TV, DirecTV, and even Apple TV.

Peel Smart Remote   APK Download

From the application itself, in addition, we can configure all our channels for convenience. The interface of Peel Smart Remote, in fact, is quite comfortable and intuitive, offering a quick way to manage all the content to which we will have access.

Peel Smart Remote is a very interesting application, thanks to which we will be able to do without almost all the remote controls that we have at home. In addition, we can also check the programming directly from the interface of the application.