PeN Chat 3.11 APK Download

PeN Chat is an application that will allow us to send text messages, as well as make voice calls or video calls. The only requirement, of course, is that the person we want to communicate with is also using PeN Chat.

One of the strengths of PeN Chat is that, in addition to giving us the ability to easily communicate with other users, it will put a handful of additional features in our hands. For example, we can send a distress signal to our contacts. With just pressing a button we can notify all our contacts of a dangerous situation, automatically sending our location.

PeN Chat 3.11 APK Download

Other PeN Chat features include the ability to locate friends who are close to our position or find interesting places nearby. We can even create a kind of ‘feed’ with news and updates about our friends and the things that interest us.

PeN Chat is a messaging and video calling application, which offers much more than that. It is basically a total social application.