Photo Grid – Collage Maker Download Free APK For Android

Maybe the Cheetah Mobile apps development studio sounds like you’ve downloaded some of their creations. No doubt the best known of all is Clean Master (for Android and Windows PC) but also Piano Tiles 2 or Battery Doctor.

Well, among its catalog of applications we find one of editing and retouching of photographs but that is dedicated fundamentally to the creation of collages and compositions of photos. We talk about Photo Grid – Collage Maker, a simple app with which you can fix photos and prepare them to be uploaded to Instagram.

“An image editor specializing in the composition of collages”.

Main Features

If you download your APK on your smartphone or tablet you will see the range of possibilities offered by this application to edit images in few easy steps:

  • Grid or Grid: Convert your images into collages with different filters and layers.
  • Editor to stylize the images correcting any defect or imperfection.
  • Cut your photos in different proportions, including popular social networks like Instagram.
  • Camera function with stand for selfies that lets you retouch on the go.
  • Slide show function to convert your photos into video stories.
  • Share your creations on a personal board.
  • Poster option with which you can adapt your images as if it were the cover of a magazine.
  • Adjusts the brightness of the image, contrast, saturation and hue.
  • More than 500 stickers.
  • Filmstrip to tell stories by combining several photos.
  • More than 300 layers to apply to collages.
  • More than 100 filters to create artistic effects or adapt the images to your mood (50 of them animated).
  • More than 200 different backgrounds to decorate your images.

This application, unlike others that serve the same purpose, has an interface with better usability than others and with fewer ads … which is appreciated. It will not cost you anything to learn how it works. Of course, you know that in Cheetah Mobile have to pay bills, mortgages, fill the refrigerator and others, so some of its elements are not free but you will have to buy them. Let’s say that’s your way of downloading your Premium APK. But well, the truth is that you can manage with its basic editor and free … offers many possibilities.

Take advantage of your community

The app has a wide user community where you can share your creations or discover what others have done. Explore and interact with likes and comments about the work of other users and exploit your creativity to grow your skill as a photographer and image editor.