Physics Drop Download APK For Android 1.8.1

Physics Drop Download APK For Android 1.8.1

Of course you will not need to be an Einstein, Newton, Faraday or Planck to enjoy Physics Drop, but this is an entertaining casual game for Android smartphones and tablets where your basic physics skills are going to be very important.

Quiet, you’re not going to have to solve kinematics equations or thermodynamics, but you do have basic notions of the laws of fundamental physics and know how the force of gravity affects a body in free fall. With that knowledge and some spatial vision, a mobile game awaits you that will test you from the first moment.

How to play Physics Drop?

Once installed the APK on your mobile device you will find the minimalist interface of this game, which resembles a simple notebook with rows, whose goal is to complete different levels by bringing the red ball to its destination in the form of U. How ? By drawing with your finger the necessary structures for the ball to end up rolling to the hole in question.

“Trace the path of the ball to the U respecting the force of gravity”.

Sometimes you will simply need to draw a long slope, but at other times you will have to overcome all kinds of obstacles that will require more and more complex structures. Structures that on the other hand are also subject to the forces of gravity so, as a good architect you are, you must secure your foundation before releasing the ball.

It sounds easy. But as you progress through the 18 levels available you will soon realize that you will need to spend many hours studying to meet your goal. Of course, you can always give the reboot button if you get stuck on any screen.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum OS requirements: Android 2.3.