Pi Music Player Download Apk Free For Android 2.5.1

Do you remember when we were always on the walkman? For a short time he was replaced by the discman to soon switch to MP3 players, MP4 and iPods. What a good times. The truth is that it has not done so much, but since we used the mobile for everything (and when I say “everything” I do not exaggerate a bit, if you understand me) we have stopped using other common junkies, such as the paper dictionary and the solar calculator. Unfortunately for romanticism, the same has happened with the music player. Pi Music Player is a good option for your Android if you want a programita coqueto and resultón to hear your temazos.

These last two molar a lot: you can create your own list or select one of those that are created automatically. The folder section will allow you to go to the folder where your songs are and play it, without having to create a playlist. It also attaches a super-cool equalizer to give you sound effects to your favorite songs, which will be displayed with the cover of your disc (if available). To top it off, you can select any theme to select as a ringtone and even cut it from the app itself to suit your tastes.

You can use any song as a ringtone, easily and quickly, you can even cut any MP3 file.

You can download and install the APK file completely free of charge. Now, if you want to enjoy Pi Music Player without ads, you will have to go through the box. If the app lacks you, it is a modest price, and for a little more they even give you some money to give you more glamor.