Pic Collage 6.28.4 APK Download

Pic Collage is a photo editing application that will allow us to create elaborate collages from our photos, using lots of different tools with which to get the most fun results.

The procedure to create these collages is very simple. We only have to click on the area of ​​the screen where we want to add a photo, and choose if we want to take the photo at that precise moment, or we prefer to upload any image from the memory of our terminal.

Pic Collage 6.28.4   APK Download

In addition to adding photographs by this procedure, with Pic Collage we can insert different images such as hearts, whiskers, or other types of ‘cliparts’ of the same style. In addition to this, we can easily change the background on which the photographs will appear, which by default offers a cork texture.

Of course, with Pic Collage it is very easy to change the layout of the photographs that we add. We can choose a totally free layout, rotating and enlarging the images at will, but we can also choose between different predefined designs.

Pic Collage is a simple and fun photo editing tool, thanks to which we can create very colorful collages in a matter of seconds.