Polarr APK Download

Polarr is a photo editing application that will allow us to do much more than use filters and apply small corrections. With this app we can give a truly professional finish to all our photographs, using dozens of different tools to achieve the desired result.

One of the most interesting elements of Polarr is that it will allow us to configure the interface at our whim. It will be enough to click on any of the icons of the different toolbars to be able to move it and locate it wherever we want. In this way, we can really customize the interface to fit the tools we use most.

 Polarr APK Download

As far as tools are concerned, Polarr also stands out very remarkably: we can correct the contrast, brightness or saturation; subtly change the lighting of an image, apply sharpness effects, perspective or distortion; Use color masks, and even create our own custom filters. Yes, we can create and save our own filters.

Polarr is a photo editing app with which we can achieve spectacular results. Of course, we will have to dedicate a few minutes to know how to use it correctly, since it has many benefits.