Power Clean Download For IOS iPhone 2.3

Power Clean Download For IOS iPhone 2.3

This small app, which at the beginning is dedicated to optimize the space on your iPhone by cleaning your photos, it also comes with nothing less than three other tools. This is a Wi-Fi network tracker, theoretically to detect intruders, a memory flusher that cleans the phone cache, monitor data network, both to know which apps are using this connection, and the speed of it . But it also analyzes your battery and also offers you fast loads through the app. Is not bad for a small application and also free?

“A small, fast and handy tool to erase photos”.

Does the app really do everything it says?

As the saying goes, the one who embraces a lot squeezes little. And is that a free app like Power Clean, that is, well loaded with advertising and with option for the Premium part of it, it is not very normal to do all these tasks in a way too effective. For example, I find it extremely difficult for the application to erase photos that, at their discretion, are similar or duplicated in my photo library.

On the other hand, the intruder monitor on your Wi-Fi network detects all devices like that, intruders. So filtering does not filter. It only really tells you how many devices are connected to the network. And they are all intruders!

As for the battery charge, the app ensures that in twenty minutes makes the iPhone load faster by optimizing the battery, which I find it hard to believe considering that performing an effective calibration requires at least twenty-four hours . And if you really do, or do fast battery charges in as few minutes, I do not think it’s good in the long run.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum Operating System Requirements: iOS 9.0.
  • Compatible with:
  • iPhone
  • IPad
  • iPod touch.
  • Offers integrated shopping.