Prince Of Persia 1 APK Download

Prince Of Persia 1 is a version adapted to touch devices of the original Prince Of Persia, first published in 1989. This version for Android, is basically an emulation of the MS-DOS version with the touch controls integrated in the screen. And the truth is that it works very well.

With the virtual crossbar on the left of the screen we can move our character from left to right, jump and crouch. While, pressing the button on the right we can take short steps (something much more useful than it may seem at first glance) and use the sword. Thus, with this simple control scheme we will have to try to rescue the princess in less than sixty minutes.

Prince Of Persia 1 APK Download

Those who have already played Prince of Persia will know that rescuing the princess and finishing the game is not an easy task. Prince Of Persia is a challenging video game, in which we will have to face each other with lots of enemies, traps and jumps. Each and every one of the levels will put us to the test.

Prince Of Persia 1 is a good adaptation of one of the best video games in history. Although at first it may seem otherwise, the control system is well adapted and is precise enough to play comfortably.