Private Photo Vault 2.1.2 APK Download

Private Photo Vault is an application that will allow us to put as many photographs and videos as we want into a virtual safe that only we can open. For this, the first thing that we will have to do is create a four-digit code with which we will open the app.

Once inside the app, we can create protected folders in which to enter our photos and videos. These protected folders have no size limit and we can also give them a second password. That is, even if someone manages to find out the first password (of the app), you will need to pass the second password (from the folder) to see our pictures.

Private Photo Vault 2.1.2 APK Download

It is important to bear in mind that with Private Photo Vault our photographs will ‘move’ inside the application. This means that, if we delete the app, we will also erase the photographs. So if we ever want to erase the application, we should first take our photos from inside.

Private Photo Vault is a good virtual safe, thanks to which we can protect our most sensitive multimedia content. In addition, the application includes a web browser from which we can save photos directly to our protected folders.