Psiphon Pro 169 APK Download

Psiphon Pro is an open source navigation tool whose objective is to circumvent the censorship suffered by millions of users in lots of countries around the world, where freedom of expression is restricted and you can not freely access all Internet content . In this way, the application will allow us to mask our connection using a VPN together with SSH hiding techniques and an HTTP Proxy.

Once we run the application we will connect to the PsiPhon servers, which will guarantee us access through a network of proxies to any web page of the world that we want to visit, without danger of being discovered in the process. That is, we can browse the Internet freely anonymously.

Psiphon Pro 169 APK Download

This version of Psiphon is financed thanks to advertising, so we will have to see an advertisement every time we go to use their services. It is a small retribution for a quality service.

Once we are connected to this secure network of proxies, the application will allow us to navigate from its own integrated browser, in which we can add pages to favorites, establish home pages and, in short, do everything we could do with any conventional browser .

Psiphon Pro is a very interesting tool for users of Android terminals with censorship problems such as those mentioned in the first paragraph. It is also a very interesting app for any user who simply wants to surf completely anonymously, without leaving traces on every web page he visits.