Pyramid Solitaire Saga 1.64.0 APK Download

Pyramid Solitaire Saga is a new casual game from the hand of (Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga) in which players will have to explore the mysteries of the ancient Egyptian ruins, playing a kind of simplified but very funny solitaire .

The mechanics of Pyramid Solitaire Saga is very simple: players will have a deck of cards in their hands and a card uncovered, the objective will be to collect all the cards that are placed face up on the table, as long as these are a number above or below that we have raised.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga 1.64.0 APK Download

Through this game system, players will have to go through a map full of levels, in which we can compare our scores with those of other players. In fact, we can synchronize the game with Facebook to share rewards.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga is a casual game developed by, kings of casual games, which combines its usual social elements with the mechanics of the Lifelong Solitaire.