Ramboat 3.17.1 APK Download

Ramboat is a two-dimensional action game in which players can navigate the waters of different different war locations, while trying to kill all the enemies that will appear on the screen. Helicopters, paratroopers, enemy boats … our enemies will appear everywhere.

The control system of Ramboat is simple, original and intuitive. The player will not have to press any button to shoot, but our hero will do it automatically when an enemy is within reach. What it will be necessary to control is the position of our ship: press the screen to accelerate, slide up and down to jump or dive, and stop pressing to brake.

Ramboat 3.17.1 APK Download

Between level and level players can unlock new characters and ships with the winnings of each game. Each character has its own specialties, so controlling each one of them will be different. Now, the most fun is to unlock all the boats, since we will find some as crazy as a hippopotamus or a shark.

Ramboat is a fun action game, which also has a beautiful graphic section. An outstanding title in many aspects, that has the potential to hook us for hours and hours.