Real Drum 7.2 APK Download

Real Drum is an application that will allow us to turn our Android terminal into a battery (the musical instrument), which we can play using our fingertips. Real Drum users can choose between several different arrangements of plates, drums and pedals. In total thirteen different pieces that we can play with our fingers, and that include realistic sounds.

The most interesting tool of Real Drum is the one that will allow us to record any fragment that we play, and create a ‘sample’ with it. Thanks to this we can record a simple base, play it, and while it is playing we can play any other rhythm that we want.

Real Drum 7.2 APK Download

In addition to the ‘samples’ that we can easily create thanks to this tool, Real Drum includes more than sixty rhythms that we can reproduce with just a click on them. Again, the best thing is that we can continue playing the drums while these rhythms are playing, to create our own compositions.

Real Drum will allow us to unleash our artistic facet anywhere and at any time. Of course, better to have a hand on hand if we do not want to bother all people close to our practices. Unless, of course, we play very, very well the battery.