Rebuild 3.18 IOS Download

Rebuild is a game of strategy and resource management in which we will have to regain control of a city infested with zombies in which we are the last redoubt of humanity that remains.

Thus, the player will take the role of the leader of a human camp with several survivors. He, as leader, will be the best suited to try to contact other survivors and unite them to their cause; while the soldiers will contribute more in physical labor, and the workers will be fundamental to build improvements within our walls.

Rebuild 3.18 IOS Download

The action takes place in turns, so that in each of them we will have to choose what actions our survivors will carry out, being able to send them many different missions, such as collecting food, killing zombies, recruiting people or exploring.

Cities are generated in a random manner, so in principle no game will be the same as the previous one, and it will be our ability and strategic capacity that determines the destiny of our survivors.

Rebuild is a great strategy game, that despite having too careless graphics, offers a very funny and almost infinite mechanics that will have us hooked for hours.