Remotr Download Apk Free For Android 1.0.334

Think of your collection of Steam games or Origin: you have them all on your PC but by circumstances you can not be in front of it. Maybe you are traveling on a train or bus or spending the night outside your house for work reasons, who knows. Well, if you have a Wi-Fi network to connect to, you can play your computer games on Android without the need of an emulator thanks to Remotr.

What is it and how it works?

It is an application that is able to bring your Windows games to the screen of your smartphone or tablet to play with them, without interruptions and with short reaction times even with the most demanding titles in terms of graphics.

Well, although we talked about the computer is also compatible with other gaming systems like Xbox 360 and PS4. In addition, it is not limited to Android phones so if you organize a game with several of your friends at a time, they can participate even if your phone is an iPhone or a Windows Phone as there are applications also for these operating systems.