Robot Wants Kitty 1.1.0 APK Download

Robot Wants Kitty is a platform game in two dimensions in which we will control a nice robot whose objective is to rescue a cat that is imprisoned in a cell. For this we will have to collect new skills that we will find scattered in each level.

At the beginning of any level of Robot Wants Kitty we can only move from left to right of the screen, and nothing else. However, hidden throughout the level we will find new abilities that will allow us to jump, shoot or double jump. We can also collect keys with which to open certain doors.

Robot Wants Kitty 1.1.0 APK Download

In Robot Wants Kitty we will find half a dozen different levels, all of them quite long, in which our objective will always be the same: to rescue a cat. And in all of them the same thing happens: at the beginning we will not have skills, but we will be able to win them little by little.

Robot Wants Kitty is a fun platform game, which has a very traditional mechanics and an old school graphics section. The game also has a level editor in which we can create and share our own phases with other players.