Rocket Royale 1.242 APK Download

Rocket Royale is a ‘battle royale’ in true Fortnite style, in which players will have two different ways to win the game: the first is to kill the other players, and the second is to be the first to build a rocket space with which to escape from the island.

The Rocket Royale control system is very similar to the aforementioned Fortnite. By pressing a button we can alternate between wielding a weapon and the construction hammer. With the hammer in our hands we can destroy buildings to get materials and, more importantly, we can build ramps, walls and floors. Also with the hammer we can mine the meteorites with which we will obtain pieces to build the rocket.

Rocket Royale 1.242 APK Download

Escaping the island by building a rocket is one of the ways to get the victory in Rocket Royale, but it is not the only one. We can also use the more than twenty different weapons that we will find scattered around the island to kill all our enemies. We can use sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, et cetera. And as in Fortnite, they will have different colors to represent their rarity.

Rocket Royale is an excellent ‘battle royale’ that offers an original and fun alternative to most titles of the genre for Android. A real breath of fresh air on Android, which also has a colorful and beautiful graphic section.