Roster-Calendar 2.4 APK Download

Roster-Calendar is a tool with which you can manage your events and jobs through a very comfortable calendar that will help you keep track of anything important. Always carry this calendar with you so as not to forget anything important and to control your work in an efficient way.

In Roster-Calendar you can insert your work shifts, class hours, times in activities and everything that has to do with your day to day. In addition, you can assign a frequency or a specific duration, from a single day to a whole year, for example. With this you can create a recurring activity that happens every certain time and that you can not forget. With a single touch you can mark days, write notes, or customize your days.

Roster-Calendar 2.4 APK Download

On the other hand, one of the advantages of this utility is that it has a global calendar with which you can mark the holidays of up to thirty and coho different countries, so that if you work with people from another country different from yours, Roster-Calendar It will help you to know when they are out of the office. In addition, you can create a floating widget on your terminal to always see what’s coming soon without opening the utility.


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