RTVE Noticias y Directos 1.7.7 IOS Download

RTVE Noticias y Directos is an application that provides unlimited access to all Spanish Television programming, allowing us to see its content live (in streaming), but also accessing programs, series and films that are a la carte at any time.

La 1, La 2, Teledeporte and Canal 24 hours will always be at our disposal at a distance, provided that we have a good Internet connection (WiFi if possible) with which to load the streaming of each channel. The quality of the image and sound, in addition, is surprisingly good.

The interface of the application, with a certain resemblance to the style ‘meter’ of Windows 8, is very clean. Accessing each of the channels and services is very simple, and finding what we want will not take us more than a few seconds.

RTVE Noticias y Directos 1.7.7 IOS Download

The best thing about the app, however, is the ability to enable alerts so that our iPhone notifies us before a program is broadcast. Thus it will be impossible for us to miss the football game, the series, or the movie on duty.

RTVE Noticias y Directos is an essential application. The video quality it offers is great, the interface very intuitive and the number of features enormous. If you do not download it, it’s because you do not like Spanish television.