Rune Rider 3.2 APK Download

Rune Rider is a very funny game with a very original concept in which you must defeat your enemies to improve your sword and end up becoming invincible. Do you think that you will be able to overcome the challenge? Then download the app and check it out!

In Rune Rider your mission is very simple: kill your enemies. And is that under your appearance as a biker hides a true warrior. Armed with your sword you will have to finish with all the emojis (yes, emojis) that you find in your way before time runs out. The games are very fast, they last 24 seconds, so you can not even blink. A false move and you will have lost.

Rune Rider 3.2   APK Download

If you manage to overcome the level successfully you will get runes, which have incredible powers with which you can improve your sword. The more enemies you overcome, the more runes you unlock, the stronger you will become and the more challenges you can overcome.

Rune Rider is, in short, a very fun and dynamic game with which you will have a great time.