Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Download AP Android

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Download APK For Android 

Brand new mobile phone or new tablet is always exciting. Turn it on for the first time, try its most striking features, mess with it … but what is not so entertaining is to update it in terms of configuration, applications, files and other data of our old mobile. That’s why Samsung has created Samsung Smart Switch Mobile, an application that lends a hand in these tasks to the lucky owners of a new Galaxy device.

‘Let the files come to me’, says a Samsung Galaxy

The South Korean manufacturer’s application allows us to essentially move our contacts, our music, our photos, our text messages, our settings, our call log, our saved Wi-Fi networks and a good number of data more than one device, Samsung or Android, an iOS device, a BlackBerry, Windows Phone or even a PC or Mac, to our new smartphone or Galaxy tablet.

“Release Galaxy with all our settings and files”

And how can we make these transfers? Well in many different ways. In Android, the system in question, we can do it wirelessly between Galaxy terminals with version 4.0 or higher; Also through the cable, from version 4.3; And between certain compatible terminals and a new Galaxy through an access point. We must simply worry that our devices support these transfers, to have all the adjustments to the day, as we want to receive them in the new device, and get to work. In a few minutes, depending on the size of what we carry from one side to another, it will be done.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.