SATRIA HEROES is an official fighting videogame inspired by the Indonesian television series Satria Garuda BIMA-X, which many players will find familiar, due to its resemblance to more famous series like Power Rangers or Kamen Rider.

The game will allow us to participate in one-on-one fighting in the purest Street Fighter or Tekken style, with the subtle difference that in here we can control different superheroes and supervillains. In total we will find more than a dozen different playable characters, including both the protagonists of the series and the evil monsters. In addition, we can use different skins for each character.


In SATRIA HEROES we will find a good handful of options to customize our gaming experience. The most notable option is the level of difficulty: we will find five different ones, perfectly adaptable to each player’s skill level. In addition, we can change the graphic options, so that they adjust better to the power of our device.

The game modes are not left behind either. Not only can we play the classic story mode, in which we will have to face several enemies consecutively; but also we will have a Versus mode, thanks to which we can fight against a friend through WiFi.

SATRIA HEROES is a very striking fighting game, which not only has an excellent graphic section, but also a fun game mechanic and a control system very well adapted to touch screens. An outstanding title