Seven 8.0.5 APK Download

Seven – 7 Minute Training is a perfect tool for those looking to perform short-term exercise routines. In just seven minutes we can perform a series of exercises that will help us stay in shape.

The first thing we will do in this application will be to indicate what our exercise habits are, as well as the goal we want to score: be in shape, gain muscle mass or lose weight. Thus, the app can tell us which exercise routines are better for our goals and for the time we have available per week.

 Seven 8.0.5 APK Download

Performing this type of exercise is quite simple thanks to Seven – 7 Minute Training. Once we start with the series indicated by the app itself, we just have to follow the instructions. Normally there will be 12 30-second exercises in which we will have to repeat the movements that we see reflected on the screen.

Seven – 7 Minute Training helps us stay in shape thanks to its explicit examples in which we will learn well how the exercises are performed. Some routines that we can do anywhere thanks to this kind of personal trainer.