Shadowgun 1.7.0 IOS Download

Shadowgun is a third person action game in which we play John Slade, a fearsome bounty hunter who is behind one of the most important prey in his history: Dr. Edgar Simons, leader of his own army of mutants.

So, we will have to infiltrate the Simons base and fight against their personal guard of cyborgs, genetically mutated humans, combat droids and many other types of enemies. Of course, luckily, for this we will have an authentic arsenal of weapons with which to crush all our enemies.

Shadowgun 1.7.0   IOS Download

The mechanics of the game is very similar to that of Gears of War, as we will have to go through closed scenarios while we cover behind any possible coverage and shoot the waves of enemies that come out.

The graphic section of the game, both in quality and style, also reminds a lot of the aforementioned Gears of War, as it is absolutely spectacular for an iOS game and its setting is very similar.

Shadowgun is an outstanding game, with production values ​​more typical of a desktop console title than mobile phones, and a very fun gameplay that will have us hooked for more than a dozen hours.