Simple Radio by Streema APK Download

Simple Radio by Streema is a radio application, which as its name suggests, is simple. Basically it will allow us to listen to all the stations of our region in a comfortable way, as long as we have an Internet connection. And of course, we can save any station in our favorites, to access it more quickly.

The first thing that catches the attention of Simple Radio by Streema is its simple interface, which will show us a list of all the stations related to our region. That is to say, if we are in Spain, it will show us the most listened to stations in Spain; while if we are in Mexico it will do the same with the Mexican radio stations.

Simple Radio by Streema APK Download

When you click on one of the stations, it will begin to play; and we can continue listening to it even if we turn off the terminal screen. Thanks to this, we can use the headphones to listen to the radio on the street (although again, we will need an Internet connection for it).

Simple Radio by Streema is an excellent radio application, that although it stands out for its simplicity of handling, it also offers very good audio quality and a great variety of stations.