Skype APK Download For Android

Skype is the official application of the popular video-calling program owned by Microsoft, thanks to which we can send and receive text messages, engage in voice conversations, and make video calls from our Android terminal. Of course, as long as we have a stable Internet connection (either 3G or WiFi).

Once we have installed Skype we will be able to communicate with any other user of the application, and considering that there are now more than 250 million users, it is very probable to find some known. In any case, we can add to any friend through your email address in a matter of seconds.

Skype APK Download For Android

Although the undisputed star of Skype are videoconferences, from this official application we can do much more. VOIP phone calls are the second most important feature, but we can also send text messages completely free of charge. In our messages, of course, we can attach all kinds of emoticons, own images, photographs or files of any type.

Skype is a powerful and versatile communication tool, backed by a giant like Microsoft. And that shows. Using this official application is simple and enjoyable thanks to a well-worked interface, and video calls are usually good quality as long as we maintain a decent Internet connection.