Skype Download IOS Free For iPhone 8.8

If we had to name a single application that has greatly revolutionized communications in the 21st century, many people would probably opt for WhatsApp, but the truth is that before the arrival of the instant messaging giant there was a program that changed the way to communicate with our fellow men, shortening distances between physically separated friends and family for hundreds and thousands of kilometers.

We are talking about Skype, the video and voice calling program based on the VoIP protocol that was a real revolution at the beginning of this century when it was developed in Estonia by a handful of Scandinavian and Baltic engineers and later acquired by Microsoft to integrate it in your Windows Messenger. At the time it became a standard for voice and video over IP communications, and since then making a video call has become skypear, regardless of the software used.

It is a service available on both computers and mobile devices, both Android and iPhone, and is the application for smartphones and tablets iOS that we are offering here for download. An application that was initially conceived as an alternative to FaceTime, the videochat app for excellence on iPhone and iPad, and has now evolved into competition for instant messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger thanks to its chat and sending functions of text messages. However, today the limits between what is a messaging application and what is a video call app are not very clear, as both are beginning to implement the same functions.

How much does it cost and how much does Skype consume on iPhone?

Downloading and installing Skype from iTunes is totally free, as well as employing its instant messaging functions and your calls between Skype users. Now, using the application to call landlines or mobiles has a cost that is paid by purchasing credit that you can add to your account and recharge when you are running out of money. Depending on the destination of the call and whether it is a fixed or mobile call, the platform will charge you a quantity or another, although it is usually less than the cost of a traditional call.

Of course, we are not taking into account the megas that you would consume in your data plan, which in the end is also a cost to the user in the case of not using a wifi network to make the communications. In this way, making a Skype voice call from your iPhone to another phone usually consumes something more than 1 MB per minute, which is triggered if it is a video call: about 5 – 6 MB per minute of conversation. Even so, it remains a very economical option to make video and voice calls, especially if we have a wireless connection that saves us spending our data rate.