Skype Lite APK Download

Skype Lite is a lighter version of the popular Microsoft application, which offers virtually the same features as this, but occupies less than half the space. The application is developed with special focus on India and neighboring countries, so that it can perform correctly even with limited Internet connections.

Skype Lite users will find some new features with respect to the base application, such as support for SMS and the integration of phone contacts. In addition, we can keep an exhaustive control of our data usage. Another new feature that is very interesting is the possibility of using bots, thanks to which we can be more productive.

Skype Lite APK Download

Apart from these developments, Skype Lite offers everything you would expect from an application with its name: instant messaging, sending pictures and videos, video calls, voice calls, and so on. And all we need to use all this will be a Microsoft account.

Skype Lite offers all the features of the official Skype application, occupying half the space in the terminal’s memory. Its most useful feature, however, is that it will help us reduce data consumption by making cheap Skype calls.