Slidey Block Puzzle 2.2.02 APK Download

Slidey Block Puzzle is a puzzle game in which our goal is to break complete lines to avoid being eaten by a hungry monster located at the top of the screen. Our only weapon will be to move the blocks horizontally. Every time we get a line, it will disappear.

The control system of Slidey Block Puzzle is very simple: sliding your finger across the screen we can move the complete blocks, making them join together and creating chain reactions. Only in this way can we get the best scores.

Slidey Block Puzzle 2.2.02 APK Download

As we break ranks, we will also go up in level. Every time we go up a level we will unlock a new aspect for the game scenario. We can also use enhancers, which will allow us to survive longer. And it is that if we are more than four or five movements without getting a line, we will lose.

Slidey Block Puzzle is a very original puzzle game, which has a fun and addictive mechanics, and a lovely graphic section. An outstanding title