Slime Pizza 1.0.5 APK Download

Slime Pizza is a two-dimensional platform and action game in which players control a green jelly, whose spaceship crashes. The problem? The ship was full of pizza and now all the pieces of pizza have been scattered on a dangerous planet.

The control system of Slime Pizza is perfect for touch devices. Sliding your finger across the screen we can launch our star jelly, which will stick on any surface. To catch an item, such as a piece of pizza or a key, we will only have to contact it.

Slime Pizza 1.0.5 APK Download

The game is divided into several dozen different rooms, all connected to each other, all full of dangers of all kinds. We will have to dodge lightning, saws and several different types of enemies, who will try to finish us as soon as they see us. Luckily, sometimes we will find special rooms where we can save the game.

Slime Pizza is an excellent platform game, with an accurate control system and an absolutely charming graphic section, which is common in all Nitrome titles. Another great game of this great studio.